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CPT2015 Update

Jan 10, 2015 by Vernon Usher

I found the update very helpful

Blitz is BEST

Jan 02, 2015 by Sherry

I invested in the Blitz by the CCO after finishing my coding course through Penn Foster. The course I took definitely did not prepare me for the CPC exam. The Blitz is like going to school again, but BETTER. Laureen is an awesome teacher! The bubbling and highlighting technique WORKS. The classroom video time enhanced the bubbling and highlighting. The Blitz along with several practice tests really helped me feel confident when I walked into the exam. I finished with 40 minutes to spare, which I took to go back over the questions/scenarios I wasn't super sure I did all I could to answer correctly. I was able to take some time and change a couple of answers in that extra time.
And I PASSED my first time taking the CPC exam!
Thank you Laureen and Alicia for all you do, the Blitz, the monthly webinars, the personal emails. I would have been lost without the CCO and Blitz!

Blitz Course

Dec 23, 2014 by Vernon Usher

"Taking the CPC exam without taking the Blitz course is like taking the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) without taking a rigorous prep courses” Thank you it was worth every penny!


Dec 23, 2014 by Jamie

I brought the blitz package in October of this year after failing the CPC exam, I recently took it again in December 6, 2014 and passed with an 80%! I felt so much more prepared this time from watching the videos and the bubbling and highlighting really helped out a lot. Since then I have signed up for the HCC and the facility based coding classes to continue my education and to prepare me for what is ahead. I am so glad I found this site, looking forward to what else CCO has to offer! Thanks again!!

PBC & Blitz

Dec 18, 2014 by Mary Kral

I started the PBC course in August and finished it in November. I spent a month with The Blitz and took my exam in December. I just found out that I PASSED with a 92% on my first try!

I felt so prepared by my CCO course and Blitz that I was very calm leading up to my exam. I walked out of the exam room after taking the test knowing that I had passed. Thanks to Laureen, Alicia, and the whole CCO family for a wonderful experience. I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future. Now the job hunt begins!


Dec 04, 2014 by Beth

I graduated my with honors, scoring a 95% on Career Step's final exam for the Medical Coding and Billing Program.

Their final exam is supposed to be similar to the CPC and prepare you for that, so initially I didn't think I needed to do anything else but take practice exams to prepare.

Well, I failed with a 60%. I ran out of time at the end of the exam, and had to randomly bubble 10-15 questions.

On the re-take a month later, I PASSED! Thanks to Laureen's videos, I worked through the exam much faster and even had time at the end to go back and check some of my answers.

And there were at least 7 questions that I was able to answer specifically because of the notes and guidelines she had us write in the margins.

I am so grateful I found this website and PASSED.

Thanks Laureen!


Dec 03, 2014 by Andrea Bertucci

I purchased the blitz videos (reluctantly) after failing the CPC-H test on my first try. I am ever so grateful that I did! After watching them, I was amazed at how really unprepared I was that first time! The bubbling and highlighting is worth their weight in gold!!! OMG, I can't believe how much time that saved me! There is so much information in these videos! I watched several times before my retake and walked out feeling great about how I did! I PASSED!
The blitz videos are a must have!!! They are worth every penny!!! Thank you Laureen! You are AMAZING!!!

And now for my shiny new credentials
Andrea Bertucci, CPC-H-A

GREAT team

Nov 22, 2014 by Duang

Hello All,

I just found out tonight that I passed the CPC exam on the first try. There are 3 key individuals that I would like to thank. I could NOT have passed the exam without their help.

First, my instructor, Laureen explained the material very thoroughly. She was VERY knowledgable and a GREAT teacher.

Second, my coach, Alicia pointed out a LOT of important things that I didn't know before. She was very helpful and patient with me.

Last, the admin coordinator, Slyvia always gave great information to all my questions. She was quick and EXTREMELY responsive.

Thanks guys! You were a GREAT team.

Ruben Cespedes, CPC-A

Nov 17, 2014 by Ruben Cespedes

I just want to say that Laureen is the BEST! The blitz videos are the key to pass your CPC exam. I passed my exam on my first try and I am really happy I did purchase these videos. I recommend this to anyone who wants to pass the CPC exam. Lots of information, bubble/highlighting technique is really helpful.

Physician Based Coding Course

Nov 14, 2014 by Denise Adkins /I give this a 5.

There is a lot of information in Chapter 5 but Alicia and Laureen are there for help even when you are about ready to give up. I recommend this course. Don't give up.

Denise Adkins

CodingCertification.Org 888-226-5799 174 S. New York Ave., PO Box 306 Oceanville NJ, 08231 USA 5.0 5.0 97 97 I found the update very helpful