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CPC Exam

Apr 22, 2015 by Janice Nelson

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!
I just passed my CPC exam and could not have done it without Laureen's wonderful video's and notes. Her expertise delivered in her calming, down to earth way made the difference for me. Watching her Blitz videos and working with her notes were so much more than helpful.
Thank you so much, I highly recommend!

Thanks to the Blitz videos I went into the exam with no surprises!

Apr 22, 2015 by Rhonda Bertrand

I wanted to let both of you know that I passed my certification exam on 04/11 on my very first try! 82%

Thanks to the Blitz videos I went into the exam with no surprises! I listened to the Blitz videos and prepared my coding books to help assist me with my speed. After taking several of the practice exams, I then listened to the Blitz videos in the target areas where I was struggling.

During the exam, I had a timer by my side which I kept me on track. My husband found a digital pocket-sized one that I could reset quickly for any time period up to 99 minutes. He actually drilled a hole in the back of the timer and removed the speaker!!!! No beeps or clicks to disturb my neighbors. I set it for 60 minutes and after each 10-question section within a 30-question column I would check my time. If I only had 4-5 questions left in the column I would continue answering those questions, hoping that at some point I would make up my time. It worked! I finished with 30 minutes to spare!

I had a water bottle, cup of coffee, Jolly Ranchers, and cheese crackers just in case I needed a “pick-me-up” to keep me focused. I also had an AAPC daisy highlighter, 3 sharpened #2 pencils, and a pencil sharpener laid out neatly in front of me. I looked like a Girl Scout ready for an adventure! Be Prepared!

I made sure I was confident with my answer before moving to the next one. I did not overthink it. I took Laureen’s advice and went with the best of the four choices. 90% of the time I was able to eliminate two of the choices right off the bat. When I narrowed down to two then I would dissect those using Laureen’s strategies.

If it were not for Blitz I don’t think I would have been as prepared for the testing. This is the reason why I will send all my new recruits to CCO for coaching! Of course, I’m now planning on adding COC and CIC to my credentials and CCO will be my go-to for coaching to help me through the curriculum.

Thanks again for all you do!!!!!!

ICD10 Blitz

Apr 15, 2015 by Maureen O"Toole, CPC

I want to thank you and Alicia for the ICD-10 blitz weekend. It was my first official introduction to ICD-10 and I thought the course was fantastic, informative, and easily explained! I passed my proficiency exam on my first attempt a few weeks ago. I was waiting for the really difficult questions and case studies, but they weren't there. The coding details explained on the Blitz were on point for this assessment and more than fairly priced. My coworkers had taken a "Bootcamp" and were confused and without anyone to ask for clarification after the fact. Once they heard me bragging about the Blitz, they wished they had done their process differently.
Thanks again for all you do!


Mar 28, 2015 by Lakisha Lassiter, CPC

OMG!! I finally passed my certification, I have tried numerous times until I came across Laureen's blitz videos. IT WORKS!! She explains everything. I don't think I could have passed the exam if I had not used her program. Thank you Laureen, your blitz videos rock!!

ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment

Mar 23, 2015 by Karie Jarvis-Slayton

I took the mini ICD-10 course through CCO earlier this year. I found it helpful and I passed my ICD-10 proficiency assessment on Saturday with a 93! It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I kept thinking that once I got half way through the exam the harder questions would come but they never did. Quite frankly I felt the free practice exam through CCO was harder! :) I had 1 hour and 10 minutes left when I finished the assessment so it really doesn't take the full time that they give you. So for those of you that are worried about the assessment, it really isn't a big deal. You will do fine!

2015 CPC Blitz Videos

Mar 13, 2015 by Lorrie

On Thu, 12 Mar at 10:38 am , Lorrie H wrote:

I wanted to say THANK YOU for your Blitz program!! I took my CPC exam last weekend and PASSED!! I had taken a full online class for coding and had a good basic understanding, but I really feel like your videos filled in some gaps and bubbling and highlighting CPT made a huge difference in how I could find the correct code. I’m so happy that I found your website at just the right time!

Lorrie H.

ICD 10 Proficiency assessment

Mar 06, 2015 by Andrea Bertucci

Thanks to your webinar on the ICD 10 proficiency assessment, I took my Assessment on 2/20 and passed with a 90%!! Thanks to Alicia and her enthusiastic style of teaching, she really relieved all fears!!! Thanks to all of you here on CCO!!!!!!

Proficiency Exam Webinar

Mar 06, 2015 by Nancy Swope, CPC,CCVTC,CEMC

I just wanted you to know that after attending the webinar on Passing the Proficiency Exam without Stress, I was encouraged to take the exam on 2/14/15 and passed with a surprising score of 91%.
I had taken a boot camp for ICD-10 CM at my local Columbus Ohio AAPC Chapter over a year ago, and kept putting off taking the exam, because I did not pass my very first CPC exam and had to test again. Then when I went for my first specialty, CCVTC, I had to sit for that exam 3 times before passing. So you can see my stress factor.
But after hearing Alicia talk and offer tips, I whizzed right thru with 90 min to spare. When I saw the score I was really excited and relieved.
You all do a really great job at CCO and deserve a huge pat on the back for continuing to offer free webinars to the Coding/Billing community in health care. KUDOS to CCO.


Mar 06, 2015 by Jackie Leslie

I couldn't have done it without you, CCO!!!

I had taken the test 2x. Once in December and then at the end of February. I felt pretty defeated by then. I really felt prepared by doing all the right things, but somehow, I was missing something...then I found CCO (Cue up the angelic music)

I had many A-HA moments going through the blitz videos. I only had 2 weeks between tests to prepare, so I was a mad woman, sequestered and preparing...LOL..no, seriously...I had pillow head for the entire time.

By the time I went to take the test, for the THIRD time, I brought Laureen with me. In one video, she states where you become one with your CPT book, LOL, she wasn't kidding! Well, my heart and soul went into this time and it worked and I passed. 3 x the charm.

Another great example to share, is on one question she spoke on a procedure that was a personal story and I remembered that and I know, I got that question right! It's little things like that that helped me remember. You don't get that in just a text book. All of my studies were in the virtual format, no personal interaction, so this is KEY, I found, to help visually hear and see..it gave my knowledge a depth of understanding that was, to me, instrumental on my passing. I am completely convinced of that.

I cannot express enough, my gratitude and what passing this test means to my life, moving forward.

If you find this note in all these positive stories, let me tell you, if you are on the fence on signing on...do it. You will NOT be sorry and it is worth every cent. Good Luck!!!

Passed CPC Exam

Feb 23, 2015 by Karie Jarvis-Slayton

Just wanted to say that I took my CPC exam in December and I passed. I honestly feel that this course was amazing! I am changing careers (was a CTRS) and was nervous about going back to school. I didn't want to spend a ton of money learning something new. I researched coding and found this site and am so grateful that I did. I was nervous about starting an online course. My teacher, Alicia, was amazing and very supportive when I needed to take some time off with the birth of my second child. She made me work hard because a lot of time had gone by before I got back into the swing of things but it was well worth it. I felt the blitz was extremely helpful in helping me pass the exam. It is very important to do the blitz and practice exams. I don't feel like I could have done it without CCO! Thank you.

CodingCertification.Org 888-226-5799 174 S. New York Ave., PO Box 306 Oceanville NJ, 08231 USA 5.0 5.0 113 113 Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!I just passed my CPC exam and could not have done it without Laureen's wonderful video's and notes. Her expertise delivered in her calming, down