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GREAT team

Nov 22, 2014 by Duang

Hello All,

I just found out tonight that I passed the CPC exam on the first try. There are 3 key individuals that I would like to thank. I could NOT have passed the exam without their help.

First, my instructor, Laureen explained the material very thoroughly. She was VERY knowledgable and a GREAT teacher.

Second, my coach, Alicia pointed out a LOT of important things that I didn't know before. She was very helpful and patient with me.

Last, the admin coordinator, Slyvia always gave great information to all my questions. She was quick and EXTREMELY responsive.

Thanks guys! You were a GREAT team.

Ruben Cespedes, CPC-A

Nov 17, 2014 by Ruben Cespedes

I just want to say that Laureen is the BEST! The blitz videos are the key to pass your CPC exam. I passed my exam on my first try and I am really happy I did purchase these videos. I recommend this to anyone who wants to pass the CPC exam. Lots of information, bubble/highlighting technique is really helpful.

Physician Based Coding Course

Nov 14, 2014 by Denise Adkins /I give this a 5.

There is a lot of information in Chapter 5 but Alicia and Laureen are there for help even when you are about ready to give up. I recommend this course. Don't give up.

Denise Adkins


Nov 05, 2014 by Michele Daly

I wanted to say how helpful the blitz videos were in preparing for my CPC exam! I took a boot camp and finished that in October. I felt that I needed a little further preparation and purchased the blitz videos. I passed on my first try (11/1/14)! Laureen's videos were very helpful in preparing for the exam, especially understanding E/M and modifiers better! I have no prior coding or billing experience, so this should really help you to consider purchasing these videos in addition to taking a coding class/boot camp. I am so grateful and happy today! Thank you!

Spinal fusion/anterior approach for L1-L3

Nov 02, 2014 by Cindy Paxton

Laureen and Alicia have been extremely helpful in answering my questions. Your guidance through this journey is priceless. You ladies "rock"!

CPC exam

Oct 08, 2014 by N. Ortiz

I am ecstatic to say that after trying a few times on my own to pass this very difficult exam, I am finally certified. Many thanks to Lauren for sharing her strategies to attack these questions, especially them huge paragraphs that scared me to death. I listened to the dvds everyday at work. I practiced in the evenings at home.I took the time to bubble and underline buzz words. By the time I took the exam, I was confident this would be it. It was! Can't wait to make that cha-ching! Happy Coding everyone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sep 22, 2014 by Janine Owens

After failing the CPC exam miserably the first time, I bought your videos. The second time I passed, increasing my score by 25%! I will recommend all of your videos to everyone! Thanks so much for making this easier to understand.

You Can Pass too

Aug 03, 2014 by Rosetta Dellatte

I found CodingCertification.Org while searching for medical coding information on YouTube. I went to their website and registered for one of their free monthly webinars. I loved the vibe and knew that was the type of course I wanted to take. I registered for the PBC course along with the Blitz. I took my time and did it at my own pace. Even though I did not pass the first time I took the test I never gave up because CCO gave me the tools I needed to pass. I had to adjust my studying techniques a few times and finally passed my CPC March 2014. I am always impressed with all that CCO has to offer. I have so much confidence in CodingCertification.Org and now that I am CPC when I tune in to their free monthly webinar I gain 1 CEU :)

My CCO Experience

Jul 07, 2014 by Amanda W.

I would LOVE to give you my testimony about your courses; here you go and yes you have permission to use it however you would like to :)

I was working as a biller for a local hospital and I was intrigued by the coding and after billing for 2 years and not having any experience once so ever with coding or how to code, I decided to get my coding certification to learn more about the coding world.

Since I worked full time, I was looking into taking a course on-line. I came across your course and was not sure of how good your course would be at first since I had not heard of CCO. I did A LOT of research and you had great reviews so I decided to give it a try. after all, AAPC backed you guys! Your course was a great choice. I could watch the blitz videos as much as I wanted and the help was always there if needed. I loved the words of encouragement that were given when I took my chapter tests. I took my CPC exam a little over a year ago and am proud to say that I passed and have no doubt in my mind that it was because of your course at CCO. I have been working as a certified coder for over a year now (with the same company as I billed for).
Amanda Washburn, CPC

CPC Passed First Attempt

Jul 02, 2014 by Melodie Wilson

Hi Laureen & Staff,
I want to thank you for all the wonderful training tools that you have available to training coding professionals. I recently took the AAPC CPC board exam for the first time and passed! I utilized several of your training tools (the blitz videos, your free practice tests) to help me prepare for taking the exam. Thank you so much! You do deliver what your website says you will deliver. Great have someone you can trust. Thank you so much! Melodie

CodingCertification.Org 888-226-5799 174 S. New York Ave., PO Box 306 Oceanville NJ, 08231 USA 5.0 5.0 90 90 Hello All,I just found out tonight that I passed the CPC exam on the first try. There are 3 key individuals that I would like to thank. I could NOT have passed the exam without