Slideshare: March 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

medical coding webinar

The March 2014 Medical Coding Webinar Q & A from discussed several Medical Coding topics of interest to medical coders including Adverse Effect – ICD-10-CM, Modifier 26, ICD-10 Atherosclerosis, Transport 99466, Burns, Gallbladder Ultrasound, Thyroid Profile, and an a coding example from Practicode. The highlights of CodingCertification.Org’s product line were discussed. Attendees’ questions on [...]

CPC Exam – Medical Coding Course Online – Video

medical coding course online

Q #35: Path and lab was not my best friend on the CPC exam. Can you guys focus a bit on that part. Thanks in advance. A: Laureen: Yeah, we can. We need specific questions if you want to ask about that, but I would recommend that you consider our CEU class on Path and [...]

Understanding Medical Billing and Coding – HITECH’s Impact on HIPAA

Understanding Medical Billing and Coding

                                HITECH’s Impact on HIPAA Laws HITECH is the Health Information Technology  for Economics and Clinical Health Act and was enacted in 2009.  HITECH basically makes the HIPAA laws, rules, and regulations stronger by creating rules regarding the privacy and security of  the transmission of electronic health information. For example, the HITECH act allows [...]

Online Medical Coding Classes – Video

online medical coding classes

Q #29: Why do most employers mention or ask for AHIMA certification instead of an AAPC? A: Laureen: I don’t think that most employers do, it’s probably the type of jobs that you’re looking at are. In my area, in New Jersey, most of them want AAPC. So, I think it depends on your region, [...]

Online Medical Billing Coding – PCP’s and Managed Care

online medical billing coding

In a managed care system the PCP (primary care provider) plays an important role.  The PCPs responsibility is to provide ongoing and continuous care for the usual patient encounter and to make decisions regarding the referral to other providers within the network for specialty services as needed that are medically necessary. The PCP is a [...]

Future of Medical Billing and Coding – Electronic Medical Records

electronic medical records

Some call it Electronic Medical Records while others call it electronic health records. They are both one in the same. EHR (Electronic Health Record)  is the term used to describe the software system of collecting patient information by different providers at different facilities about one patient and having it located in one place.  This is [...]

ICD-10-PCS Procedural Medical Coding Training Course – Video

icd 10 PCS

Ms. Alicia is going to be doing a new course on ICD-10-PCS, so we’re starting to get into the CCS side of things. She’s excited about doing that. That’s going to start in September, so be looking for more information on that. This is the procedural side of ICD-10 and that is not used by [...]

Practicode AAPC Vs Coding | Practicode Reviews – Video

practicode-aapc vs coding certification

Alicia: Q: What is the difference in what the AAPC offers with PractiCode reviews and what CCO offers? Asked Bobbie. A: Well, it is quite a bit different. As you know, we’ve using PractiCode and offering that to our students for some time, and the AAPC is now offering it as well; but the way [...]

Medical Billing and Coding Courses Online – Optical Scanning Guidelines

medical billing and coding courses online

The CMS-1500 form accommodates optical scanning for claims. However, for the information to be read correctly, it must be typed in according to specific optical scanning guidelines. We will discuss the major guidelines in this article.  Not following proper optical scanning guidelines can create payment delays. For paper-generated claims, you make sure that the printed [...]

Medical Billing Course Online – Avoiding Claim Rejections

Medical Coding Course Online

In medical billing, one doesn’t want rejected claims. However, rejected claims will happen. It is important to do our best as medical billers to minimize the amount of claims rejections we receive. How can this be done? Following good medical billing procedures will assist in reducing the amount of rejected claims and will speed up the [...]