Dealing with a Difficult Boss for Medical Billing Career

medical billing career

At some point in your career, you are bound to have a boss that drives you crazy. Dealing with a difficult boss can be frustrating and intimidating. First, let us define the difficult boss. The difficult boss may be overly demanding, unfair, shows favoritism among employees, and is unfairly critical. When dealing with a difficult […]

Do you have Webinars for Mental Health Medical Coding and Pain Management – Video

mental health and pain management

Q #12: Are CEU’s available for ICD-10 mini? A: No. I don’t think they’re setup yet. I think that just got finished and we have to submit stuff and then has to come back after the approval and a bunch of other stuff, it shouldn’t be ready – check back. Do you have Webinars for […]

Learn Ecodes Medical Coding Work – Video

ecodes medical coding

E Codes – Q: Can you please review Ecodes Medical Coding for ICD-9-CM and how things will change with ICD-10? A: Some people like to say, “Well, E codes go away in ICD-10” – well, they’re just not called E codes anymore. They don’t really go away, they’re just expanded, they’re more in-depth like the […]

Medicare Medical Coding | What is CCA? – Video

medicare medical coding

Q #8: Know that Medicare doesn’t recognize consultation codes, the AI modifier is used. My questions is, is it wrong for 2 physicians (one PCP, the other a specialist) to use the same code on the first day (initial visit)? I was told that it is right for learning in school, but in the real […]

What is Advanced Medical Coding? – Video

advanced medical coding

We had a quick question in the chat I thought you could answer. I think you had mentioned in your previous blip about advanced medical coding. They want to know what you meant by advanced coding. Advanced Medical Coding – Video Alicia: Oh well, at the college, what they did was they had students that […]

Why Choose Online Medical Billing Training?

Online Medical Billing Course

As a medical billing instructor, I am frequently asked the question, “Should I train online or in a classroom?” I prefer online medical billing training and most adult learners do. Medical billing training takes about 12-16 weeks. Taken through a community college there are usually many other “subjects” thrown in that you don’t need or […]

HCC and Medicare Advantage Coding – Video

Medicare Advantage Coding

Q #1: Alicia, would you please explain “Medicare Advantage Coding” please? HCC and Medicare Advantage Coding – Video A: That has to do with HCC Coding, Medicare Advantage, and they do diagnosis coding. So, Medicare Advantage Coding is done for HCC Coding and that’s hierarchical coding. It’s done for projection on how much they need […]

Getting Medical Coding Job Advice – Video

medical coding job advice

How do I get a job or externship? A: First of all, you need to network yourself, go to your local chapters, and I would look into Practicode because you can do that from home. Q #24: Do your courses teach how to code or how to pass exam? I did an online course and […]

HCC Medical Coding – Medicare Advantage to the Physicians – Video

hcc coding

Boyd: What are you talking about when you’re talking about HCC Coding? HCC Medical Coding – Video Alicia: HCC Coding is a type of specialty coding and it’s hierarchical coding and that’s done for Medicare Advantage. It’s only done for Medicare patients and eventually it’s going to move over. Right now reimbursement in mainstream for […]

Top Ten CPC Exam Tips

cpc exam tips

Here are Top ten CPC Exam Tips. Get to Know more with this tips and pass your CPC Exam. Top Ten CPC Exam Tips 1. Do Not Panic! If you have prepared your manuals for easy exam reference and can pass timed practice exams you are ready! 2. Know the guidelines! 3. Know where everything […]