Practicode AAPC Vs Coding | Practicode Reviews – Video

practicode-aapc vs coding certification

Alicia: Q: What is the difference in what the AAPC offers with PractiCode reviews and what CCO offers? Asked Bobbie. A: Well, it is quite a bit different. As you know, we’ve using PractiCode and offering that to our students for some time, and the AAPC is now offering it as well; but the way [...]

Medical Billing and Coding Courses Online – Optical Scanning Guidelines

medical billing and coding courses online

The CMS-1500 form accommodates optical scanning for claims. However, for the information to be read correctly, it must be typed in according to specific optical scanning guidelines. We will discuss the major guidelines in this article.  Not following proper optical scanning guidelines can create payment delays. For paper-generated claims, you make sure that the printed [...]

Medical Billing Course Online – Avoiding Claim Rejections

Medical Coding Course Online

In medical billing, one doesn’t want rejected claims. However, rejected claims will happen. It is important to do our best as medical billers to minimize the amount of claims rejections we receive. How can this be done? Following good medical billing procedures will assist in reducing the amount of rejected claims and will speed up the [...]

Medical Billing Education – Form Use for Ambulatory Surgical Center Billing

medical billing education

Frequently, I am asked by students which form to use between the CMS-1500 form versus the UB-04 form. In most medical billing training programs, it is taught that inpatient billing uses the UB-04 form and outpatient billing uses the CMS-1500 form.  Ambulatory surgical centers are outpatient but are sort of hospital-like in nature, so this [...]

Physician Based Medical Coding Course – Video

Physician Based Medical Coding Course

Boyd: So we have courses that we talked about regarding what we have to offer people who are looking at getting involved with coding and whose talk about physician based medical coding course. Alicia: Well, that’s kind of the main full course that CCO offers. We have so many great courses, we have the Blitz [...]

Online Course for Medical Coding | Understanding Evaluation and Management Coding – Video

online course for medical coding

Q #17: I do not have my certification. I want to take one next month. I am instructor, is there an instructor one? A: Laureen: There is a CPC-I, both Alicia and I have that. That’s the instructor credential you have to be a CPC in order to take the CPC-I, so you would want [...]

Medical Coding Certificate – How to be a Medical Coder – Video

medical coding certificate

Q #14: New grad RN wants to obtain CPC certificate. Who wants CPC coder without coding experience? How to find jobs? A: Laureen: Well, there’s actually a couple of issues tied in with here, but we’re getting a lot of nurses that they still like nursing, they want to use all of their experience that [...]

Slideshare: October 2012 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

medical coding webinar

Monthly Q&A about Medical Coding Webinar and Medical Coding Certification. Topics Discussed on the Slide: Coding Certification Q & A Laureen Jandroep, CPC Sr. Instructor, CodingCertification.Org Twitter Chat•• Who will have the most tweets? Coding Certification Webinar OutlineGoals of this webinar:• Answer general questions related to taking and passing coding certification exams• Introduce prospective [...]

Online Medical Billing and Coding Course – Video

online medical billing and coding course

Q #11: I’m an AAPC member, my test is scheduled for June. Will any CEU’s I get this year go towards what I need? A: No, any CEUs that you get prior to getting certified don’t count. They used to, the month before. They gave you a 30-day window, but now they don’t do that [...]

School for Medical Coding | Coding and Billing Certification – Video

school for medical coding

Q #8: A doctor bills both preventative and office visit. The problem is, my son was a patient and I was in the room. There is NO way both were done and NO way they could have enough documentation to have separate notes. Do I say something? A: Laureen: I would ask for a copy [...]