Cardiologists Medical Coding 33206 – 33208 – Video

medical coding for cardiologists

This is a really good slide, too. It’s titled 33206-33208. Laureen: Pacemakers. Alicia: Yeah, pacemakers. Q: A cardiologist implants a new pacemaker (doesn’t matter how many leads) and has a general surgeon create the pocket, puncture the vein for the leads, and close the pocket. The cardiologist does all the rest of the work. Would […]

Attestations | Requirements for Medical Billing and Coding

Requirements for Medical Billing and Coding

Quick EMR Documentation Fix’s May Create Risk  Ever hear about payments being retracted by a payer over a non-attested or unsigned clinic and/or operative reports? It happens more often than many may realize. Easily overlooked but should be on the priority list, to ensure a service, be it an operative or clinic encounter (E/M), is […]

Medicare Billing Guidelines | Medicare Parts A, B, C and D – Video

medicare billing guidelines

CPC Exam Prep: Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. I think it’s always funny that they named in that because they can think of something more… let’s do the alphabet. Q: What services are covered under the various Parts of Medicare? Got any tips on how to remember this? A: Now you do need […]

Medical Billing and Coding Comparison of ICD 9 vs ICD 10 – Video

icd 9 vs icd 10

Q: Hello. I just started the CPC program with ICD-9 so I will be testing on ICD-9. With ICD-10 coming out, should I be concerned about that or just continue to focus on ICD-9? Thanks, Sue Medical Billing and Coding Comparison of ICD 9 vs ICD 10 – Video A: Sue, just focus on 9. […]

ICD 10 PCS Training | Medical Coding – Video

icd 10 pcs training

Again, we’re doing an ICD 10 PCS Training since we have so much going on, we decide to go ahead and bump it to January. I think it’s gonna be more us to people if we wait till January because that will be an ICD 10 if it doesn’t take an acive congress to move […]

Physician Reimbursement and the Physician Practice Manager

physician pratice manager

Many people ask why the Physician Practice Manager (PPM) course encourages an understanding of medical billing and coding and the answer is quite simple: Every business, large and small, can only succeed with a solid financial foundation. In some industries, the accounting is straightforward: you provide a service and bill the customer. However, in the […]

The Medical Coding Septicemia, SIRS and Sepsis- Video

Coding for Septicemia Sirs Sepsis

Q: Compare Septicemia, SIRS and Sepsis. What are the differences? A: Well, this gets very confusing. That little [star] up there, this will work for a specialty CEU, I believe. The American College of Chest Physicians and the Society of Critical Care Medicine have established 4 different levels of sepsis. The levels and symptoms are […]

What do you do in Medical Billing and Coding | Scenario from EM Coding – Video

em coding

Q: I pulled this scenario from E/M university and would like to know why only one bullet was credited for the cardiovascular system. A: This is a scenario that someone got from the E/M university – and I believe that’s an online coding site – and would like to know why only one bullet was […]

ICD 10 CM Medical Coding Practice Test Tip – Video

icd 10 cm tips

Test Taking Tip for ICD-10 – Of course, I’m a diagnosis coder by trade so I really like ICD-10 and I could talk all day on this, so I kind of pushed this back to one of the latter slides so I didn’t get carried away. Q: Test Taking Tip for ICD-10: What is the […]

Medical Coding Information | What is HIPAA? – Video

what is hipaa

Alicia: The first slide that we’ve got is the CPT exam prep: What is HIPAA? HIPAA does go across the board and touches everybody in the medical field, whether you’re a clinician, whether you’re a coder, whether you’re a patient, whether you’re a secretary in the medical office, it really touches everybody. What is HIPAA? […]