What EM Code to Bill for First GI Doctor Evaluation – Video

gi doctor evaluation

Q: GI Doctor for Consultation – Patient was admitted to the hospital and his attending physician called the GI doctor for consultation. This patient has Medicare. What E/M code should I bill for this first GI evaluation? Initial hospital visit 99223 (example) or follow up hospital visit 99232? A: I can see why this is […]

Difference between 24575 and 24579 Coding | Comparing and Contrasting – Video

Medical Coding 24575 and 24579

Alright, I think I’ll answer this one real quickly. So, this one was a quickie. Q: What is the difference between 24575 and 24579 Coding? I’m using the 2013 Edition… A: I’m going to answer from 2014… This is a real simple one, but this is a good illustration of comparing and contrasting, which is […]

Medical Coding Surgical Procedure – Video

Medical Coding Surgical Procedure

This one is kind of a brief one. Q: Medical Coding Surgical Procedure – I was wondering if someone could give me a few tips on how to figure out the wording when coding a surgical procedure? I have the study guide but the questions that they ask without the multiple answers are where I […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance – Of Interest to Medical Billers

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Recently, I read an article by Dr. Belk that interested me so much and challenged my own perceptions about this issue that I wanted to discuss this issue in a blog post here :).  I, like so many others, thought that medical malpractice insurance was becoming so outrageously expensive for doctors that many were going […]

E and M Coding | New Patient E and M – Video

new patient e and m

Q: E/M for New Patient – For new patient physician visits, if the physician has not performed the 3 key elements, can I bill the visit as a new patient or can I use the time element? A: Again, you want to go right to the manual. In your E&M section of CPT, they’re got […]

CPC Practice Exams – CCA Exam Preparation – Video

cpc practice exams

Q #15: The aftercare codes for fractures are going away. Will we always need to know the type of fracture that resident had prior to admitting to a SNF? A: Yes. I think you will. I suspect you will. I would say, yes. Q #16: I want to go for CPC-H, any non-expensive suggestions? A: […]

E&M Medical Coding | How to Level E and M Code – Part 1 – Video

How to Level E&M Code

Laureen: How to Level an E and M Code: Q: Would it be possible to briefly go over your E&M leveling tool? Where I work, the providers level the visits. I code all diagnosis codes and add the appropriate modifiers. So I’m really weak on being able to level E&M. A: I can’t promise the […]

Dealing with a Difficult Boss for Medical Billing Career

medical billing career

At some point in your career, you are bound to have a boss that drives you crazy. Dealing with a difficult boss can be frustrating and intimidating. First, let us define the difficult boss. The difficult boss may be overly demanding, unfair, shows favoritism among employees, and is unfairly critical. When dealing with a difficult […]

Do you have Webinars for Mental Health Medical Coding and Pain Management – Video

mental health and pain management

Q #12: Are CEU’s available for ICD-10 mini? A: No. I don’t think they’re setup yet. I think that just got finished and we have to submit stuff and then has to come back after the approval and a bunch of other stuff, it shouldn’t be ready – check back. Do you have Webinars for […]

Learn Ecodes Medical Coding Work – Video

ecodes medical coding

E Codes – Q: Can you please review Ecodes Medical Coding for ICD-9-CM and how things will change with ICD-10? A: Some people like to say, “Well, E codes go away in ICD-10” – well, they’re just not called E codes anymore. They don’t really go away, they’re just expanded, they’re more in-depth like the […]