Medical Coding and Billing | Adverse Effect in ICD 10 CM – Video

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Alicia: We’re going to go ahead and start on our slides, getting to the meaty stuff. This is what you’re waiting for I know. Now that we’ve gotten to know you a little bit, I get the first slide, and these come from questions primarily that come to our forum. Sylvia takes care of that, [...]

Coding Certification – ICD 10 CM Delayed until October 1, 2015

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In 2010 I began my preparation to become a certified trainer in ICD-10-CM. The more I learned, the more excited I became. I envisioned my coding world as a place I could find enough codes to transmit to a payer, knowing the claim was coded properly with an accurate account of a patient’s encounter – [...]

Online Medical Billing Course | Coding Certification – Video

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Alicia: Well, we have a special guest tonight. I think if you remember, it was last month that we put up Dawn’s photograph from the webinars and a little snippet, a couple of slides of her course, the billing course that she is teaching. And talk about alphabet soup, there’s a lot of letters there [...]

Slideshare: August 2013 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

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Slideshare August 2013 Q & A Medical Coding Webinar from covered many topics including Burns-TSBA and 948, GA & GX Modifiers for PT, Malignant Ascites Primary Site Unknown, Stent Codes, Cardiac Diagnosis Codes, Discharge and Admit Within Hours, RA Rheumatoid Arthritis. 1. Coding Certification Q & A Webinar – August 2013 Laureen Jandroep, CPC [...]

Fail the ICD 10 Medical Coding Exam Will Lose ICD 9 CPC Certificate? – Video

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Laureen: Q#4: I have heard that if you fail the ICD-10 exam you will lose ICD-9 CPC certificate, is this true? Alicia: No. Laureen: A: No. They really just want you to demonstrate that you have touched the ICD-10 codes and that you’re familiar with them. It’s a professional credential and a CEU isn’t enough [...]

How Anatomy and Physiology Plays a Big Role in ICD 10 CM Coding

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Many coders ask why it is necessary to study anatomy and physiology to prepare for ICD-10-CM. After all, they have always chosen their codes based on a provider’s documentation and everything they have been trained in thus far, proves maneuvering within the pages of the ICD 10 CM Coding manual is similar to ICD-9-CM. The [...]

ICD 10 What Should be the Main Focus on Preparing to Study for the Medical Coding Exam – Video

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Laureen: Q#5: For those preparing for the exam for ICD-10, what should be the main focus on preparing to study for the exam? We need to know what direction to go? A: Guidelines, guidelines, guidelines, and that’s – Alicia: Only about the guidelines. ICD 10 Main Focus to Study for the Medical Coding Exam – [...]

Slideshare: September 2013 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

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Slideshare September 2013 Medical Coding Webinar Q & A from announced their partnership with Practicode by Aviacode. The Practicode product is a real game changer for coders trying to develop and show prospective employers their coding expertise. Discounts are available through the website. Educational topics included ICD-10, Modifier -59, Coders Replaced by Computers?, 36415 [...]

Tour the Coding Certification Org Members Area – Video

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Laureen: I’ll give you guys a little tour. This is how students who purchase anything from us, Replay Club courses. We have this member’s website and you come in and you log in. This is our little test user here, and I have everything in here, but anything that you purchase you’ll get a link [...]

Share the News About Coding Certification Org – Video

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Laureen: This slide is where we like to encourage you, if you appreciate the free information that we put together for CCO you can return the favor just by liking us in social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, all that good stuff. It really does make a difference for us, and so far as of today [...]