Medical Billing Modifiers 59 New Additions – Video

medical billing modifiers

Laureen:   Alright, so our first question, we’re going to open up the line for Jo-Anne, she is one of our instructors and she’s recently increased her time with us, we’re very excited. Jo-Anne, can you hear us? Or can we hear you? Jo-Anne: Yes, I can. Can you hear me? Laureen: We can. And if […]

Medical Coding Certification Graduates – Nov 2014 – Video

medical coding certification graduates

Laureen: This is our fun slide, we have so many that we had two slides this time, of people who have recently passed. I did tell Alicia, I said, “I’m going to need some help pronouncing some of these names.” I apologize if I butcher your name; it happens to me all the time with […]

What is the difference between Medical Coding 24575 and 24579 – Video

Medical Coding 24575 and 24579

Alright, I think I’ll answer this one real quickly. So, this one was a quickie. Q: What is the difference between 24575 and 24579? I’m using the 2013 Edition… A: I’m going to answer from 2014… This is a real simple one, but this is a good illustration of comparing and contrasting, which is a […]

Medical Billers Advanced Beneficiary Notices

advanced beneficiary notices

The ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) is a document provided to Medicare patients  by a provider prior to a service that is being given that is unlikely to be covered by Medicare.  The notice indicates that the service is not going to be covered and the patient agrees to personally pay for the charges for the […]

Medical Coding Surgical Procedure – Video

Medical Coding Surgical Procedure

This one is kind of a brief one. Q: Medical Coding Surgical Procedure – I was wondering if someone could give me a few tips on how to figure out the wording when coding a surgical procedure? I have the study guide but the questions that they ask without the multiple answers are where I […]

Medical Billers Medical Review for Medicare

Medical Billers Medical Review

The  Social Security Act, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is mandated  to protect the Medicare Trust Fund against inaccurate or excessive payments that pose risk to the Trust Fund and  to take corrective measures to correct such. To protect the fund Medicare contracts with Part A and Part B Medicare Administrative Contractors […]

DVT Prophylaxis PQRS Medical Coding – Video

DVT Prophylaxis PQRS Medical Coding

Q: DVT Prophylaxis – I’m a medical coder for a hospital. The providers often use diagnosis code “DVT Prophylaxis.” I can’t seem to find this dx code. Please help. A: I broke it all down for us. First, let’s talk about what’s DVT stand for? It’s Deep Vein Thrombosis and prophylaxis is preventive medicine; so […]

Medical Billers Unexpected Charges

Medical Billers Unexpected Charges

A person went into the hospital for a surgery on a herniated disk. He signed a bunch form set before him. Well, after the surgery, the bills started arriving. Bills in the range of $4,300 for the anesthesiologist, $56,000 from the hospital, and even $133,00 for his ortho doctor who he knew would take a […]

ICD 10 CM Under Dosing Medical Coding – Video

under dosing medical coding

Alicia: ICD-10-CM Under Dosing Medical Coding – This is really interesting. There are certain things about ICD 10-CM that you need to be aware of so that you can assist your physician as the transition happens to say, “Hey! This wasn’t on your radar before, but ICD-10 has this now; and so, therefore, we need […]

AAPCs Certified Professional Biller Credential

AAPCs Certified Professional Biller

As a medical billing instructor, I am frequently asked about the new CPB credential from AAPC. I think this new credential is great, and I feel students just out of a good medical billing course do have a chance of passing the test. The CPB test measures the billers ability to understand and handle all […]