Learning Styles | Classes for Medical Coding and Billing

classes for medical coding and billing

What is your learning style, are you visual, auditory, kinesthetic? I am hands on, I have to do the assignment, with my hands, and if that is writing it out on a piece of paper or speaking it out-loud to help my understand, I know that is what I have to do. My first online […]

Study CPC Exam Guide Fraud and Abuse – Video

study cpc exam01

Q: Can you explain the difference between fraud and abuse and give some examples of each? Thanks! A: Well, yes I can. Alicia:     CPC Exam Prep: Fraud and Abuse. HIPAA defines fraud and abuse as: Fraud – an intentional deception or misrepresentation that someone makes, knowing it is false, that could result in an unauthorized […]

Medical Billing Career | Will Software Replace the Medical Biller?

medical biller software

 The job outlook for a medical billing career is very good and projected to grow 22% through the year 2020. This is due to the Affordable Care Act making health coverage mandatory and the aging of the baby boomer population. The field is definitely growing faster than other professions. The increasing demand in the use […]

July 2014 Recent CPC Exam Graduates – Video

cpc exam graduates

Alicia: Every webinar, we like to go back and say a little shoutout to everybody that has notified us that they’ve recently passed one of their certification exams. We’ve got Paula Hanson; she passed her CPC in July. Heather Brockett, she also passed her CPC in July. We’ve got Dawn Francis who passed her CPC […]

DX Category Codes 946 vs 949 – Video

dx category

Alicia: This was a really interesting question. This came in from Chaim who absolutely is one of our PBC students at present time. He comes in to the Thursday night student webinar calls that we have for our PBC students, our Blitz students, and our Practicode students. It’s not anything like this webinar, it’s very […]

Medical Billing and Coding Comparison of ICD 9 vs ICD 10 – Video

icd 9 vs icd 10

Q: Hello. I just started the CPC program with ICD-9 so I will be testing on ICD-9. With ICD-10 coming out, should I be concerned about that or just continue to focus on ICD-9? Thanks, Sue Medical Billing and Coding Comparison of ICD 9 vs ICD 10 – Video A: Sue, just focus on 9. […]

Let’s Be Professional – Tips for Medical Biller Resume

resume tips for medical billers

I wanted to bring up a “delicate” subject. In our personal lives our FB monikers, e-mail addresses, and personal voicemail greetings usually reflect our personality. In our personal lives this is acceptable, but for our professional lives, we do not want to reflect our personality but our professional side. When using your e-mail address on […]

ICD 10 PCS Training | Medical Coding – Video

icd 10 pcs training

Again, we’re doing an ICD 10 PCS Training since we have so much going on, we decide to go ahead and bump it to January. I think it’s gonna be more us to people if we wait till January because that will be an ICD 10 if it doesn’t take an acive congress to move […]

Big Demand for Medical Billing Office Workers

medical office workers

The demand for medical billing office workers including medical office specialists, medical coders, and medical billers is growing by leaps and bounds due to the Affordable Care Act that is in the process of full implementation at this time. The current people employed today cannot possibly handle the 20 million new patients accessing the health […]

CPT Code Modifier | Preliminary Surgery Report – Video

cpt code modifier

Q: What is the base unit value for CPT code modifier 00160? Where can I find the base unit value? A: That’s the anesthesia code. You have to go to the anesthesia… What’s that association called? The American Anesthesia Association? There’s an anesthesia group that creates the book that list the base units, that’s why […]