Cardiologists Medical Coding 33206 – 33208 – Video

medical coding for cardiologists

This is a really good slide, too. It’s titled 33206-33208. Laureen: Pacemakers. Alicia: Yeah, pacemakers. Q: A cardiologist implants a new pacemaker (doesn’t matter how many leads) and has a general surgeon create the pocket, puncture the vein for the leads, and close the pocket. The cardiologist does all the rest of the work. Would […]

Medical Insurance Billing – 20 Verify to Reduce Denials

verification to reduce denials

Insurance eligibility verification is an important function of the medical billing cycle. It has the power to decide the fate of a claim for better or worse. Some offices don’t give adequate significance to doing insurance eligibility verification. We have the idea that certain claims don’t require insurance eligibility verification so healthcare personnel fail to […]

Medical Billing and Coding Certification – CPC vs CPC-H – Video

medical billing and coding certification

Alicia: I just graduated what my associates in medical billing and coding. I studied medical billing and coding for a hospital. I really want to do medical billing and coding in the hospital. Which one do I take first, the CPC or CPC-H? I think Tammy has some information that she can share for not […]

Attestations | Requirements for Medical Billing and Coding

Requirements for Medical Billing and Coding

Quick EMR Documentation Fix’s May Create Risk  Ever hear about payments being retracted by a payer over a non-attested or unsigned clinic and/or operative reports? It happens more often than many may realize. Easily overlooked but should be on the priority list, to ensure a service, be it an operative or clinic encounter (E/M), is […]

Medicare Billing Guidelines | Medicare Parts A, B, C and D – Video

medicare billing guidelines

CPC Exam Prep: Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. I think it’s always funny that they named in that because they can think of something more… let’s do the alphabet. Q: What services are covered under the various Parts of Medicare? Got any tips on how to remember this? A: Now you do need […]

Learning Styles | Classes for Medical Coding and Billing

classes for medical coding and billing

What is your learning style, are you visual, auditory, kinesthetic? I am hands on, I have to do the assignment, with my hands, and if that is writing it out on a piece of paper or speaking it out-loud to help my understand, I know that is what I have to do. My first online […]

Study CPC Exam Guide Fraud and Abuse – Video

study cpc exam01

Q: Can you explain the difference between fraud and abuse and give some examples of each? Thanks! A: Well, yes I can. Alicia:     CPC Exam Prep: Fraud and Abuse. HIPAA defines fraud and abuse as: Fraud – an intentional deception or misrepresentation that someone makes, knowing it is false, that could result in an unauthorized […]

Medical Billing Career | Will Software Replace the Medical Biller?

medical biller software

 The job outlook for a medical billing career is very good and projected to grow 22% through the year 2020. This is due to the Affordable Care Act making health coverage mandatory and the aging of the baby boomer population. The field is definitely growing faster than other professions. The increasing demand in the use […]

July 2014 Recent CPC Exam Graduates – Video

cpc exam graduates

Alicia: Every webinar, we like to go back and say a little shoutout to everybody that has notified us that they’ve recently passed one of their certification exams. We’ve got Paula Hanson; she passed her CPC in July. Heather Brockett, she also passed her CPC in July. We’ve got Dawn Francis who passed her CPC […]

DX Category Codes 946 vs 949 – Video

dx category

Alicia: This was a really interesting question. This came in from Chaim who absolutely is one of our PBC students at present time. He comes in to the Thursday night student webinar calls that we have for our PBC students, our Blitz students, and our Practicode students. It’s not anything like this webinar, it’s very […]