Online Medical Billing Programs – Fraud and Abuse

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Fraud and Abuse are the things that every medical biller wants to steer clear from in the industry. As a professional, you must understand the difference between them and the consequences for violations. Fraud is an intentional deception that one makes.  Abuse is involves actions that are not usually accepted within the industry.  Fraud and [...]

Medical Coding Classes Online – What is a Status Code? – Video

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Q: We have status codes: I had trouble finding a code and was told it was a status code. What is a status code? A: Now, you guys, I really like status codes because that’s ICD-9 stuff, that diagnosis that I love so well. You’re going to find these in your ICD-9 manuals, and what [...]

Medical Billing and Coding Courses Online – Understanding ICD -10

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I just graduated a medical coding course only to be faced with an ICD-10 delay and an AHIMA CCS exam suspension. So now what? Should I just take the AAPC CPC exams in ICD-9 & 10? I want to be ready when the USA finally joins the rest of the world in using ICD-10. So [...]

Practicode AAPC Vs Coding | Practicode Reviews – Video

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Alicia: Q: What is the difference in what the AAPC offers with PractiCode reviews and what CCO offers? Asked Bobbie. A: Well, it is quite a bit different. As you know, we’ve using PractiCode and offering that to our students for some time, and the AAPC is now offering it as well; but the way [...]

Passing State Board Exams for Medical Billing


As a medical coding and billing instructor of many years, I am frequently asked for tips for passing state board exams for medical billing. There is much written on this subject. Aside from having had good career training and self-study materials in medical billing or medical coding, it is important to relax. I had one [...]

About Medical Coding and Billing Courses Online – Video

Medical coding and billing courses online

Q #23: Interested in AWV and measures reporting… A. Alicia: I don’t know what AWV is. Laureen: Yeah. If you could put that in the discussion board and spell it out for us.  After the webinar, we found out: AWV: Annual Wellness Visit There are HEDIS® measures: One list found at: HEDIS® stands for [...]

Medical Billing and Coding Courses Online – Optical Scanning Guidelines

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The CMS-1500 form accommodates optical scanning for claims. However, for the information to be read correctly, it must be typed in according to specific optical scanning guidelines. We will discuss the major guidelines in this article.  Not following proper optical scanning guidelines can create payment delays. For paper-generated claims, you make sure that the printed [...]

Online Coding Classes – Place of Service Codes and Its Uses – Video

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Q: The CPC Exam Prep: Place of Service Codes: What are place of service codes and how are they used? A: The abbreviation for that is POC, if you didn’t know. What I was able to do was just go get a screenshot of what a place of service looks like when you’re trying to [...]

Billing Classes Online – Starting a Medical Billing Business at Home

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As a medical billing instructor of many years, I’m frequently asked if I feel it’s feasible for a person right out of a program to start their own medical billing business at home.  My answer is a double-edged sword of “yes” and “no.” After quality medical billing training, it is preferable that one get some [...]

Medical Billing and Coding Courses – Preparation Courses For ICD 10 – Video

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Alicia: We like to throw in prep courses for ICD-10. This time since Laureen was away, I kind of shuffled these information slides in between some of our content slides, and wanted to bring up the ICD-10 Mini Course, the ICD-10 Full Course which has a payment plan. But the hours that are involved, you got [...]