Mental Health Medical Coding – Video

mental health medical coding

Mental Health – This question came in and took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what they were asking, but once I did a little research I got where this person was coming from. Q: I am trying to verify exactly what V71.09 means – (mind you, this is not ICD-10, this is […]

Benefits of Medical Billers Online Learning

Online medical billing training

As a medical billing instructor, I am frequently asked if online learning is sufficient or the best way to learn medical billing. Many people going into the medical billing career are adults that already have jobs and are re-training for a better career path. Online education has a lot of  benefits over the traditional classroom […]

Cardiac Medical Coding – Knowledge for Medical Coding Part 2 – Video

medical coding cardiac2

Now that we’ve learned more about the heart, Part 2: Circulation, Arteries and Veins, let’s get into that. Can you tell I like this? I really do. I learned this at a young age and it stuck with me. This scary guy right here, not Boyd, but this picture. I noticed Boyd popped up back […]

What’s So Great About ICD-10 for Medical Billing Students?

icd-10 for medical billing students

I am asked by my medical billing students what is so great about ICD-10 and why do we NEED to change to it. It’s a valid question for a new student to ask. With all the talk about ICD-10 implementation one should understand why we, as a country, need to update to ICD-10. ICD-10 benefits […]

Cardiac Knowledge for Medical Coding – Part 1 – Video

medical coding cardiac

Alicia: Now, this is a very fun section. I have to tell you I really like cardiac and I really like anatomy. I like terminology and I like the physiology of the disease process and stuff. That’s why I like ICD-9 and ICD-10. It’s what I do. There have been several requests coming in for […]

Medical Billing Instructor | Not Again – ICD-10 Delay to 2017

icd 10 delayed until 2017

As a medical billing instructor, I am frequently asked by my students about the news regarding ICD-10 implementation being pushed back another 2 years.  Unfortunately, the truth is that the Texas branch of the American Medical Association is asking its nearly 50,000 members  to write to congress asking for a delay in implementation of ICD-10 to […]

Medical Billers Job Interview – Steps to Success

medical billers job interview

Job interviews can be scary and being well-prepared is key to performing well.  Here we will learn 8 steps to a quality and successful job interview. 1. Do your research- Know the company. Understand their goals. Know how you can fit in to help them reach their company goals. 2. Make sure you can and […]

Study Tips for Medical Billing Students

study tips

As a medical billing instructor I am frequently asked how on earth to remember all the “facts” presented in our medical billing program. Whereas our CCO medical billing course is taught using a goldl-standard textbook with accompanying online videos with an instructor available to answer questions, it can be difficult to remember everything. I guide […]

Passing the AAPC Board Exams – Medical Billing and Coding Certification Exam

medical billing and coding certification exam

I am frequently asked by my students how to pass the CPC exam. It would seem obvious that obtaining quality medical coding education is the key. However, I have seen many who have quality coding educations test and fail.  I’ve taught medical coding and billing for a number of years. Maintaining a credential is not […]

Long Term Care – Does Health Insurance Policy Cover it?

health insurance

Long term care as in nursing home care  is not really covered by traditional medical insurance policies. Medicare benefits only cover short term or basic care. If a plan member needs to spend many months, or even years, in a nursing home, they will quickly exhaust  their Medicare benefits. Supplements or Medicare Advantage plans usually mirror the benefits of the […]