AAPC Core Credentials What are They? – Video

core credentials

Alicia: Q: Core Credentials – What are the core credentials with the AAPC? Does AHIMA have core credentials? A: Now, the next slide after this one, Tammy is going to do, which also talks a little bit about what is considered a core credential. Alicia: Core credentials – this actually came from the AAPC. You [...]

Medical Coder Interview Joanne Sheehan – Video

joanne sheehan

Now, let’s talk to Jo-Anne. Jo-Anne has been with us for a while, but she is the one that has been doing the ICD-10 coaching for the Mini course. She also is taking students for the PBC course, and soon she will have written her own curriculum for the Physician Practice Management Course, CPPM certification, [...]

Medical Coding Certification Exam – Study CPC Exam Tips – Video

cpc exam tips

Q: Study tips for the exam: I just completed my medical coding classed through my local community college; how would be the best way to study for the exam? I am fearful of failing since I still get confused on some things – Lona. A: Well, we’re here to help you with that. I would [...]

Medical Coding Jobs | Advice to Help Medical Billers Find a Job

medical biller advice

Mandated requirements for implementing electronic health records (EHRs) and the transition to ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding – plus a large population of aging baby boomers – will keep medical coders and billers as necessary commodities for years to come. Knowing this, however, doesn’t necessarily make a new Certified medical biller feel any better when he or [...]

The Medical Coding Septicemia, SIRS and Sepsis- Video

Coding for Septicemia Sirs Sepsis

Q: Compare Septicemia, SIRS and Sepsis. What are the differences? A: Well, this gets very confusing. That little [star] up there, this will work for a specialty CEU, I believe. The American College of Chest Physicians and the Society of Critical Care Medicine have established 4 different levels of sepsis. The levels and symptoms are [...]

ICD-9-CM versus ICD-10CM – What’s the Difference for Medical Billers?

difference for medical billers

ICD  codes are diagnosis codes. Today, most of the ICD codes used in the United States are version 9, which are called ICD 9 CM codes. However, by October of 2015, ICD-10 will be the system used. Many countries in the world have implemented the ICD 10 codes but the USA has fallen a bit behind in [...]

What do you do in Medical Billing and Coding | Scenario from EM Coding – Video

em coding

Q: I pulled this scenario from E/M university and would like to know why only one bullet was credited for the cardiovascular system. A: This is a scenario that someone got from the E/M university – and I believe that’s an online coding site – and would like to know why only one bullet was [...]

ICD 10 CM Medical Coding Practice Test Tip – Video

icd 10 cm tips

Test Taking Tip for ICD-10 – Of course, I’m a diagnosis coder by trade so I really like ICD-10 and I could talk all day on this, so I kind of pushed this back to one of the latter slides so I didn’t get carried away. Q: Test Taking Tip for ICD-10: What is the [...]

Minimize Medical Billing Cash Flow Issues With ICD -10

minimize cash flow issues

When any business is involved with a major system conversion, at risk is the potential disruption to medical billing cash flow, resulting in a negative impact to the bottom line. While it is expected that reimbursements will initially decline with ICD-10 conversion, providers should now take  advantage of the time remaining to assess and put in [...]

Medical Coding for Twins | Medical Coding Help – Video

medical coding for twins

A code for twins – This question came in, and you know what, this one I really struggled with and I actually had to talk to one of our other instructors, JoAnne [Sheehan], and get her opinion on this because I wasn’t sure I was reading in to the question correctly. And I’ve done that [...]