Dealing with a Difficult Boss for Medical Billing Career

medical billing career

At some point in your career, you are bound to have a boss that drives you crazy. Dealing with a difficult boss can be frustrating and intimidating. First, let us define the difficult boss. The difficult boss may be overly demanding, unfair, shows favoritism among employees, and is unfairly critical. When dealing with a difficult […]

Do you have Webinars for Mental Health Medical Coding and Pain Management – Video

mental health and pain management

Q #12: Are CEU’s available for ICD-10 mini? A: No. I don’t think they’re setup yet. I think that just got finished and we have to submit stuff and then has to come back after the approval and a bunch of other stuff, it shouldn’t be ready – check back. Do you have Webinars for […]

CPC Exam Spinal Fusion Practice Exam Medical Coding – Video

spinal fusion practice exam

This one is a Spinal Fusion Practice Exam Question. Q: The surgeon performed anterior fusion from L1 to L3. What CPT code(s) are reported? A: A) 22630, 22632. And I have the codes down here. The difference between the 558 and the 585 is the approach; it’s the anterior interbody technique. The difference between 630 […]

Tips on Sequencing Modifiers – Improper Use of Modifiers

sequencing modifiers

Coders often get confused when appropriate sequencing modifiers are applied to procedure code(s) and their claims get denied for the “improper use of modifiers”. How can that be if the modifiers used were accurate? The answer is simple: There is an order to reporting modifiers and there are three categories that modifier usage fall under: […]

Learn Ecodes Medical Coding Work – Video

ecodes medical coding

E Codes – Q: Can you please review Ecodes Medical Coding for ICD-9-CM and how things will change with ICD-10? A: Some people like to say, “Well, E codes go away in ICD-10” – well, they’re just not called E codes anymore. They don’t really go away, they’re just expanded, they’re more in-depth like the […]

How to Pace Yourself During Your Online Medical Billing Training

online medical billing training

Making the choice for a medical billing career, choosing the right program, and staying motivated are all important components to success in learning medical billing online. However, there is one more piece of the puzzle—- pacing yourself.  Many online and even “in person” training programs have a high drop-out rate. One reason is that some […]

Medicare Medical Coding | What is CCA? – Video

medicare medical coding

Q #8: Know that Medicare doesn’t recognize consultation codes, the AI modifier is used. My questions is, is it wrong for 2 physicians (one PCP, the other a specialist) to use the same code on the first day (initial visit)? I was told that it is right for learning in school, but in the real […]

Understanding Disease Process – Pain Management Medical Coding – Video

pain management medical coding

Q #6: So not only do you have to really know your medical terminology and anatomy but you should understand the diseases too? A: Yes. It’s not that you have to have the disease process memorized, but the reason you have to know the disease process and the signs and symptoms of things is because […]

HCC Coding Training – Introduction to Risk Adjustment

hcc coding 03

HCC Coding -Introduction To Risk Adjustment- Part 1 This is Alicia from or as we fondly like to call it CCO. I am so excited to get to tell you a  little bit about HCC Coding and risk adjustment coding and the background behind it. There’s a really interesting story behind how it got […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Medical Billers

New Year's Resolutions for Medical Billers004

The field of medical billing is ever growing and changing. It is easy to sometimes become complacent in our career. When this happens, we can become bored and dissatisfied.  Right now is a great time to make some New Year’s resolutions regarding your medical billing career. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and implementation of […]