HCC Medical Coding Risk Adjustment Training

HCC Medical Coding

Laureen: HCC Course – You kind of talked about this a little bit, but if you want to share, we’re getting a lot of buzz in the chat about HCC people who are long time HCC coders, like, “Yey! Finally, some respect!” and a lot of new people are like, “What is that?!” Alicia: Yeah. […]

Explaining Labs 80048 and 80069 Medical Coding

labs 80048 and 80069 medical coding

Q: (Labs 80048 and 80069) I have a claim billed with 80048 (which is a panel code), 82040, 84100, and 84439. The CCI edit re-bundles all of the labs into 80069 the renal function panel. Why is this so? A: I’ve said this before, but if you’re new to me and Alicia, the minds of […]

What is EVAR Endovascular Aneurysm Medical Coding – Video


This one threw me, because it says, “Photo of EVAR,” and I wasn’t sure what they were talking about. Laureen looked at that and said, “I don’t know.” She was thinking the same thing I was, but when I went and looked at the question, then I remembered. What it says — this was a […]

Medical Coding for Botox Injection – Video

medical coding for botox injection

Alicia: OK. The first thing that you need to know about Botox is what is Botox? I’ve covered that in here, but the question that came with this was a little confusing to me because I really wasn’t sure what they were asking. Q: What is the difference between Le Fort I, II, III from […]

What is an ABN? | Medical Coding and Billing – Video

what is an abn

A: This is a fantastic question because in both coding and billing world, you’re going to need to know what is an ABN. The ABN stands for Advanced Beneficiary Notice. This deals with Medicare. It’s a Medicare waiver, actually, and nobody’s going to say Advanced Beneficiary Notice, they’re just going to say ABN. The only […]

Medical Billing versus Medical Coding – Video

Medical Billing versus Medical Coding

Alicia: Q: Billing versus Coding. “What’s the difference between Medical Billing versus Medical Coding?” A: Well, if I can answer that question. Let’s see here. OK there we go. Do you like that little graphic I found of the gears of the brain? Isn’t that great? Medical Billing is really all about reimbursement, first of […]

HCC Coding and Drawing Lines – Video

HCC Coding and Drawing Lines

Q: (HCC Coding and Drawing Lines) You talked about drawing lines before when doing HCC coding. Can you give me an example of how to do that? A: Well, you bet I can. So, we can abstract a case and I’m going to show you how to do that. I actually found a case and […]

Medical Coding for Hernia Repair – Video

medical coding for hernia repair

Laureen: Q: (Hernia Repair) My surgeon did an open parastomal hernia repair with mesh with ileostomy stomal revision. I see the code 44346 for “revision of colostomy with repair of paracolostomy hernia.” Can I bill 44312 with the above hernia codes for this? HELP! Thank you, Nichole. Laureen: OK, here’s my little research sheet I […]

January 2015 Coding Certification Recent Graduates – Video

january 2015 coding certification

Alicia: When our students pass their certification exams – and mind you, we have courses for more than one, not just the CPC – as soon as they let us know that they passed, we like to put them on the slide and give them a shoutout in congratulations. We actually have three slides of […]

2015 CPT Codes Medicare and G Codes – Video

2015 cpt code

Alicia:   Good, OK. This first question that we’re doing is on the 2015 G codes. Q: (2015 G-Codes) I was wondering if you are aware of Medicare not approving many of the new 2015 CPT codes? They will be continuing with the 2014 codes, but will need to assign G codes. I found the lab […]